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Call for short experimental media clips/ideas!


Dear Experimental filmmakers and media creators,

I am producing an EXPERIMENTAL TV show starting in January. The first episode is airing on January 6th at 8 PM, 2012 on RCTV-15 the local public access channel in Rochester, NY. Also the episodes will be available online at

I am looking for any and all contributions to the show, especially experimental short film/videos, media projects. Of course credit will be given before and after the clip, if it is not already embedded in the video.This is a non-profit endeavor, so there will be no profiting off of, nor compensation for your material, just free promotion of your work.I am looking for content as well as ideas, possible one-time hosts, collaborators that may want to stream material live at that time slot: 8 PM  Eastern Standard Time. I was thinking of including also tutorials on how to do some of the editing/ filming tricks seen in the videos. So those are welcome as well.There are really no parameters to this show, hence the name experimental TV.All clips can be sent to me Rajesh Barnabas at But please use big file sending services such as, and to upload your material and then send me the link in an email to rbarnabas@gmail.comYou may also send material via traditional postal service to:

Rochester Community TV
Attention: Rajesh Barnabas
21 Gorham St.
Rochester, NY 14605

My aim is to make this as international as possible so please pass this not on to fellow filmmakers wherever. Final note: It is fitting that the show should be based out of Rochester as this city is the birthplace of film – via George Eastman and Kodak.

Thanks for your potential contribution,

Rajesh Barnabas
RCTV-15 Production Tech. and Teacher
Rochester, NY 14605